With GORE-TEX® Footwear Technology

Runners run. It’s what we do. Rain, snow, cold weather — they can all disrupt your run.

Explore this site to learn about a new breed of running footwear with GORE-TEX® product technology that lets you get in that precious run—regardless of weather or ground conditions.

Just 21 grams

The GORE-TEX® footwear bootie packs an enormous amount of weather protection into a lightweight package.

It’s so light you’ll likely never notice it. Until you hit that first puddle.

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21 grams

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High Cut Compression Socks


1 Packet of GU Energy


Lightweight Water Bottle

Innovation for comfort and protection.

The nine billion (that’s right, with a “b”) pores per square inch in the GORE-TEX® membrane are small enough to be impervious to rain and wind. Yet they are big enough to release the water vapor that can overheat you as you sweat.

This means your feet stay dry and comfortable, protected from weather and ground conditions.

So rain or shine, warm or cold, on the trail or the pavement, running shoes with GORE-TEX® product technology are durably waterproof, windproof and breathable to ensure it’s a great day for a run.

One of the great outdoor gear innovations.

How to have a good run in bad weather.

Happy feet mean a happy run.

Footwear engineered with GORE-TEX® product technology is both waterproof and windproof, for durable protection from all weather and ground conditions.

Wear a brimmed cap.

Keep the rain out of your eyes. It’ll keep you comfortable and safe, even if it does weigh more than the GORE-TEX® bootie that’s keeping the water out of your shoes.

Get out there.

Once you’re out there, it’s never as bad as you thought it’d be—especially if you have the right gear.

Peace of mind.

Know that with the GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise, the protection continues long after the run is done.

Road / Trail


The sun isn’t out, but you are.

Cold, wet weather can test the willpower of even the most diehard runners. Which explains why some of the most trusted running brands use GORE-TEX® footwear technology.

Saucony, Brooks, Asics and more have been able to add wind and water protection to some of their most popular models—turning them into true all-season performers.


Have a beautiful run.

Rain makes nature lush and beautiful. But it can make your run ugly—with soggy running shoes and the blisters and cold toes that go with them.

That’s why so many trusted trail running brands have incorporated GORE-TEX® footwear technology, allowing them to deliver a level of breathable, waterproof protection that can turn even the muddiest trail into a beautiful run.


Running Events presented by GORE-TEX® products


Trusted brands choose GORE-TEX® footwear technology.

Many of the most trusted brands in running are using GORE-TEX® footwear technology in their most iconic styles.

And this was not done casually. We worked hand in hand with their designers to ensure that climate comfort and protection were in optimized balance with the original performance of each shoe.

So you can protect your run from the weather, in any kind of shoe, from minimal to neutral to stability to trail.