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    Top Five Family Activities this Summer

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    Summer’s great when you’re young. School's out, sun's out. But when you're a grown-up, summer can feel like hard work, especially if you have kids to look after. What do you do? You can't just park them in front of the TV (or the iPad). Those aren’t the summer moments you remember. At Gore , we love the great outdoors - and our kids do, too. When you're young, everything is an adventure. The whole world is your playground. Here's a few suggestions for things you can do to make this a truly awesome family summer.

    family camping

    1. The classic camping trip

    For some, it's a rite of passage. For others, it's their first memory. The excitement of camping out beneath the stars. The thrill of the woods. The smell of a roaring camp fire. There are few things more exhilarating than getting back to nature. Whether you choose a quiet campsite or opt for wilder camping off the beaten track, the key to having a good time is to be prepared.

    group goes hiking

    2. Hiking/Geocaching

    The last thing most kids want to do is walk for miles and miles. But a treasure hunt is different. And if you can combine it with the latest technology, so much the better. Geocaching is the most current form of treasure hunting. And you can find geocaches worldwide. The idea is for one person to leave a 'geocache', a hidden box with a GPS marker, that anyone can find. You can find the locations online or on special apps. Half the fun is finding the treasure - the other half is getting there. Our tip? Wear comfortable shoes. You can make sure your kids are ready for all sorts of adventures this summer with our range of kids shoes . group bike ride

    3. Cycling

    They say you never forget how to ride a bike - when was the last time you tried? Teach your kids a skill that will last them a lifetime or just get out and enjoy the ride. Children love cycling, not only is it fast and fun, it's great exercise and lets you travel much further than walking, allowing you to reach new and unexplored places. A lot of families drive out to the country to cycle, but you can enjoy cycling in cities too. If they're too young for traffic, now's the perfect time to head down to your local park.

    festival camping

    4. Go to a festival

    Festivals aren't just for grown-ups any more. There are plenty of family-friendly festivals to choose from these days. In fact, some festivals such as the Joshua Tree festival in the USA and Wilderness Festival in the UK have special, kid-friendly stages and activities. The secret to enjoying a festival with kids is to be proactive. Sign them up to as many activities as possible and explore everything the festival has to offer with them. Pack for all weathers and don't be afraid of getting wet. If it rains, your kids might even have more fun than you.

    people in canoes

    5. Canoeing

    Canoeing can be a great family activity that's suitable for kids of all ages. Older kids will love the adventure, while you can share a boat with younger children. In fact, a 5m canoe is big enough for two adults, two kids and a picnic. The great thing about canoeing is you can set your own pace, or float down the river letting the water do the work. You might get wet, but you can free your mind of this worry with a GORE-TEX waterproof jacket for canoeing or kayaking so you can focus on having fun with your family.

    Get The Gear

    Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket Whatever you do this summer, spend more time planning your activity and less time worrying about what to wear. Adidas Terrex Fast Mid GTX® SURROUND® To get you ready for the outdoors, here are some of the best GORE-TEX products to assist you and your family this summer! We’d recommend our Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket in a vibrant madras, paired with Adidas Terrex Fast Mid GTX® SURROUND® Shoes. Your kids will love our cactus green Ecco Cool SURROUND® Shoes, to keep their feet oh-so-cool, no matter what they get up to. Shop the full collection here.

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