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    Let your feet breathe like never before. With GORE-TEX SURROUND® footwear.

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    We like to think of every foot as having its own micro-climate. Or, to put it another way, each foot is its own little world, with an atmosphere that has to be protected. Certain conditions (like higher temperatures) or activities (like having to run a few minutes for the bus, or hike for a few hours) can rapidly change your foot’s environment.


    Whether it’s office shoes, hiking boots, or casual shoes for men, women or kids, the right footwear should help your feet deal with a wide range of situations. You want to avoid sweaty feet but you don’t want to miss out on protection and support. You also don’t want to have to invest in different shoes for every change of season, or every different activity. So, what’s the best way to protect the climate of your feet?

    The answer’s definitely not buying more and more pairs of shoes. Instead, you should buy shoes that are suited to more conditions. Step up, GORE-TEX SURROUND® footwear. Part of the original GORE-TEX products range, these shoes are guaranteed waterproof. They also offer all-around breathability: hot air and moisture from sweat vapour can even escape through the sole. 


    This product technology is designed to be integrated into various footwear styles, from protective hiking boots to shoes made for exploring cities in the evening. But don’t take our word for it. Meet three people who’ve discovered just how much more they can get done thanks to the waterproof protection and breathable comfort of GORE-TEX SURROUND® footwear.


    Max, 41: The rainstorm commuter

    “Whenever I can—for most of the year, at least—I leave the car at home. The metro station’s only a ten minute walk away, and there’s a stop right over the road from work. Here in Vancouver, I know that even if it’s a bright, blustery spring morning when I look out the window, two minutes into my walk to the station it could be raining heavily and I’m jumping over—or into—puddles. Doesn’t matter though—I get to work with dry feet and can keep these things on all day. The breathability means my feet don’t get too hot when I’m sat at my desk, or if I go out for some happy hour drinks after work.”


    Sara, 32: The weekend dog-hiker

    “I swear Rusty knows when it’s the weekend. He’s ready every Saturday, leash in his mouth, as soon as I come downstairs. And he’s right: once I’ve had my breakfast, we’re out on one of the trails that we’re lucky enough to have out the back of our house. Every weekend, no matter what. Maybe only an hour or so in the winter. But the rest of the year we’re out there for hours. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or I’m chasing Rusty through long wet grass, these boots keep me dry—but my feet never get too hot. It’s like his panting. Although I always get tired before him.”


    Rey, 54: The once-a-month vacationer

    “I’m lucky enough to be able to work part-time hours now, and my wife’s retired already, so we get a lot of free time. We use it to go see the world—this year, we’ve been to Paris, France; Louisville, Kentucky; Boston; Minneapolis. We’ve been through rain, shine, storms, everything. And I’ve done it all in these shoes: every city, every step. When I’m packing, I don’t even need to think about it. I know they’re all I’m gonna need. I bet I’ve done a million steps in them.”


    Think you could benefit from some shoes or boots made with GORE-TEX SURROUND® product technology? Chat with an expert at your local store—they’ll be able to help you find the perfect style for whatever activities, vacations, or dogs keep you moving.

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