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    Adrian Darby


    In today's terms, Adrian would be called 'multidisciplinary.' Since the mid-1990s, Adrian has collaborated with key figures in electronic music in London and his longtime home, Brighton. He became a contributor to the newsfeed Beinghunted. In the early 2000s, he interviewed influential figures such as the team behind the iconic retailer, The Hideout, as well as artists like Futura, José Parlá, and Mo'Wax creative mastermind James Lavelle.

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    A Minute with Adrian
    How would you describe yourself?

    In my early 50s, I'm a survivor of many different incarnations and exciting excursions.

    Tell us a bit about your city’s climate. What are your three favorite spots - in the summer, in the winter (outside)? What is your favorite method of transportation and why? How do you prep for bad weather if you spend time outside?

    Brighton is generally sunny with the odd monsoon!

    Summer: The cove on the beach by Shoreham Lagoon away from all the tourists, Saunders Park 5-a-side pitch playing football with my Son Teddy. Maybe a Balearic soiree at The Fortune of War on the beach with any number of friends from London or Brighton playing.

    Winter: Brighton Rugby Club (where my Son plays), The Eagle Pub in The North Lanes, and Peggs and Son (amazing clothing store for clued-up people).

    My favorite mode of transport is my feet, so you can see life not pollution from the SUV in front of you!

    I prep by being obsessed with the weather forecast, and weirdly my 9-year-old Son seems to be able to predict the weather since he could talk, so that helps a lot. I’ll be wearing my Tilak Beinghunted. Jacket, and he’ll be wearing a Manchester United Windrunner.

    What are you wearing today? Why are you wearing it, and did you have a particular weather scenario in mind when choosing this piece? What do you love most about your GORE-TEX product?

    Today, I am working from home so wearing a Total Luxury Spa ‘House of Happiness’ T-shirt, Visvim Jeans, no socks, and Visvim Christo Shaman Folk Sandals. The latest GORE-TEX Jacket by Beinghunted. is my favorite yet, with its subtle accents and the hood that zips up as a muffler. And, it's super waterproof, light, and easy to pack.

    Where and when did you get this... Do you have any special memories connected to this item? If you could go anywhere, where would you like to take this piece?

    This was a gift given to me by Jörg Haas at BGHD. I started writing for the site in 2003/4, and we became very good friends and have worked together on projects ever since. It’s a most prized and loved jacket!

    Why do you think functional clothing has gotten more popular in recent years?

    The weather changes, with sudden downpours. People not wanting to carry heavy coats and big bags anymore. And also, I blame my friends in Manchester as they have been obsessed with GORE-TEX for 35 years as it always rains up there.

    How do you define the term “comfort” in clothing, in particular technical apparel?

    Easy to wear, well-designed, and not too many difficult hidden features.

    What are you looking for in the next six months and what challenges do you see that you’re excited about?

    To come to the end of a very difficult chapter in my life on many levels and through Transcendental Meditation and other techniques and therapies become a new incarnation.

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