Jack Tyler standing in the street

    Jack Tyler


    Jack, a photographer and creative director from London, spends his free time on bike-packing trips throughout the UK or creating content with his four-legged friend on @barcteryx_.

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    A Conversation with Jack
    How would you describe yourself?

A border collie owning, outdoor enthusiast usually found camping, trail running, hiking or gravel riding.


    Tell us a bit about your city’s climate. What are your three favorite spots - in the summer, in the winter (outside)? What is your favorite method of transportation and why? How do you prep for bad weather if you spend time outside?

    The weather in London is generally pretty unpredictable and can quickly switch from a sunny day to a downpour, so it’s good to be prepared. My 3 favourite spots (in the UK) are Pen Y Fan in Wales, Dartmoor National park, and anywhere in the Lake District. For transportation, I generally opt for the VW T6. I love camping, but as the weather starts getting worse towards winter, it’s helpful to have a space where you can stay warm and dry - plus it means you can bring more kit with you.


    What are you wearing today? Why are you wearing it, and did you have a particular weather scenario in mind when choosing this piece? What do you love most about your GORE-TEX product?

    Today I am wearing my nanamica GORE-TEX jacket. I needed a jacket that was both smart and practical, something that you can wear to protect you from the elements while also looking presentable, so for me, this was the perfect option.


    Where and when did you get this... Do you have any special memories connected to this item? If you could go anywhere, where would you like to take this piece?

    I have had this item for a few months now - it was a gift from Eiichiro Homma and an item that will remain in my collection forever. When I go to Japan - this is the jacket I will be taking with me.


    Why do you think functional clothing has gotten more popular in recent years?

    In my opinion, the increased popularity of functional clothing can be attributed to the increased popularity in outdoor activities. More and more people are turning to the outdoors as a way of staying healthy (mentally and physically) and therefore consumers are prioritizing functional/practical pieces that can be adapted to suit their needs.


    How do you define the term “comfort” in clothing, in particular technical apparel?

    For me, it means freedom of movement, regulating body temperature, and managing moisture effectively during physical activities or in varied weather conditions.


    What are you looking for in the next six months and what challenges do you see that you’re excited about?

    I‘ve been pretty busy this year, so over the next 6 months, I’d like to free up some more time to work on a few personal projects I have in the pipeline!

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