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    adidas & the GORE-TEX brand: A long lasting partnership

    Laila Weigl
    Laila Weigl

    Every great story has a beginning. The one between adidas and the GORE-TEX brand goes back to 1983, when a waterproof running shoe named “New York”, probably one of the very first adidas products with the GORE-TEX technology, was the big thing at Ispo. This is where it all began, and despite a break of a few years, still lasts as a great partnership.

    “Through sport we have the power to change lives” is the purpose of adidas.

    The adidas TERREX’ commitment strives beyond activities, to connect humans more meaningfully to the places they love, with a mission towards enabling every human to access the outdoors with a greater positive impact for themselves, people and the planet. With the GORE-TEX brand, we want to empower people to experience more. We have always provided best-in-class materials, constructions and technologies, which must have been a key indicator for adidas founder Adi Dassler to work with the GORE-TEX brand as a reliable partner. It is a well known truth, that the innovative founder never got tired of improving products.

    The history of adidas

    It all began in the mother’s wash kitchen, where Adi Dassler started out. He registered the ‘Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik’ in 1924 and embarked on his mission to provide athletes with the best possible equipment. In 1949, he started over again, registered the ‘Adi Dassler adidas Sportschuhfabrik’ and set to work with 47 employees in the small town of Herzogenaurach in the South of Germany.

    In the same year, he registered a shoe that included the registration of the soon-to-become-famous adidas 3-Stripes. This is where the famous story of adidas began. adidas scored big over the years One of Adi Dassler’s secrets to success was meeting with athletes, listening carefully to what they said, and constantly observing what can be improved or even invented to support their needs.

    Nowadays adidas TERREX specializes in high performance apparel and footwear for the outdoors, with the GORE-TEX technology you can be sure to count on comfort and ultimate protection for all weather and every terrain.

    New store in Munich: A one-stop experience to enable a life lived outdoors

    If you want to check out the latest adidas TERREX styles with the GORE-TEX technology, visit the website or make sure to stop by in the new store in the heart of Munich as of November 2021. The store that opened at the doorstep of the Alps is a huge event for the adidas TERREX brand while it expands its business. This will be the first store of its kind in Europe, marking a milestone for them on home ground, with other stores already in Latin America, Russia and Shanghai.

    Laila Weigl Laila Weigl

    Laila Weigl

    Laila lives – and loves – Social Media, especially when it is all about the GORE-TEX brand. When she’s not indulging in her passion for writing, she’s probably out participating in one of many sports. She is always the happiest when the sun shines, be it while out exploring other countries or when biking, hiking or snowboarding in the Bavarian Alps.

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