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    Children’s shoes with GORE-TEX products technology

    Joachim Stark
    Joachim Stark

    The magic of mud

    Snow, rain, sleet, mud. Kids have so much fun outside: at their outdoor nursery, on the way to school, sledging down a snowy hillside, splashing in puddles, looking for adventure, or even on a “romantic” family walk. Whatever they’re doing, their mummies and daddies don’t want to have to worry about their feet getting cold and wet as they rush from one temptation to the next, laughing and shouting with the excitement of all that fun in the puddles. For this very reason many of the best children's shoe manufacturers offer ranges featuring the breathable and one hundred percent waterproof GORE‑TEX product technology.

    Rubber boots, or wellies, are a great choice for building mud castles in the garden. However, as soon as children start wanting to explore further afield – walking to school on their own, going hiking, or playing hide and seek in the woods – it’s important that they have breathable shoes that fit well and have a supportive fit. The GORE‑TEX brand has a number of different technologies that make sure children come home with dry feet, even after many hours of outdoor fun or walking longer distances to and from school. Their comfort, health and happiness shouldn’t be impaired by muddy puddles and sweaty feet, after all. Gore works closely with brand partners such as Lowa, Viking, Ecco, Superfit, Vado and many others to ensure that the technologies incorporated into the shoe designs achieve the best possible results and deliver maximum performance.

    Researchers at Gore's laboratories work tirelessly to better understand what really matters: How do children's feet sweat? How flexible or supportive should children’s shoes be? Does the selected combination of GORE‑TEX Surround technology, upper material and sole construction work?

    Our brand partners use these findings whenever they design new styles for their children’s ranges. These might be anything from lightweight shoes for everyday wear to stable multifunctional mid-height shoes and winter boots. We put a lot of time and energy into our research, but it’s worth it! Here you can go on a virtual tour of our laboratories and testing facilities in Germany and the US. See for yourself how we test our products and what equipment and measuring devices we use.

    The GORE-TEX Surround® technology is the frontrunner when it comes to footwear technologies. It means that your feet can “breathe” through the sole as well as through the upper material, in other words, exactly where you sweat most! This makes the GORE-TEX Surround® technology the best choice for all kinds of footwear, but particularly in the kind of shoes that kids wear all day, every day at school.

    The right socks for dry feet

    Be sure to find a solution that is perfectly tailored to your feet, socks and shoes. Regular cotton socks that are too loose will turn an enjoyable hike into an uncomfortable one, even when worn in combination with top quality boots that fit well. The materials, fit and design of your children’s socks will determine how much grumbling you’ll hear from them next time you need to get them into their boots. A good pair of socks will manage moisture, regulate temperature, keep feet cushioned and stop painful blisters from forming.

    High quality merino wool socks from a leading manufacturer can make all the difference. They should extend beyond the collar of the boots and either be entirely seamless or have a seamless toe construction. The disadvantage of pure cotton socks is that they soak up moisture but don’t release it. Cotton fibres act like a sponge, absorbing and hanging onto moisture. This can mean that your feet feel cold and wet even if you’re wearing functional footwear. Rather than being released to the outside, the sweat produced by your feet gets absorbed by the socks. Socks made with a mix of cotton and wool or merino wool are a better option. Such socks release moisture and enhance the functionality of the waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX laminate.

    Much to the dismay of most parents, children’s feet seem to grow at lightning speed, and responsible parents frequently find themselves wondering whether their child’s shoes might just fit for another year. High quality GORE-TEX boots and shoes normally last much longer than they fit – assuming you take good care of them!
    GORE-TEX footwear remains durably waterproof and breathable and keeps its “Guaranteed to keep you dry” promise. It’s easy to take care of your shoes and only takes a couple of minutes. We explain how here.

    Joachim Stark Joachim Stark

    Joachim Stark

    Joachim is and all-round mountain athlete: Alpine, ice and sport climbing; backcountry skiing; and mountain biking are at the top of his list of leisure activities – when he finds time in between his work with the media, photography, and graphic design and layout for companies in the outdoor industry. He has worked with GORE-TEX as a freelancer since 2012.

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