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    GORE-TEX ONE MARKETING PORTAL – putting everything in one place

    Laila Weigl
    Laila Weigl


    Partners and retails can embrace a huge variety of tools and content created to make their work as easy as possible: from new product innovations and technologies through marketing materials and brand guidelines to imagery from the latest photo shoots from across the entire GORE-TEX world. With the GORE-TEX ONE Marketing Portal, it will never have been easier for you to keep your colleagues, teams and employees well informed and up to date, plus there’ll be instant access to every imaginable asset to download in just a few clicks.


    Given the extensive range of GORE-TEX technologies, a bit of confusion is hardly surprising. These excellent e-learning modules give you an understanding of the overall picture as well as profound insights into the technologies. They also ensure that you are one of the first to know what the future will bring.

    A pool of images and texts covering all our product categories will embrace each and every one of your creative ideas. Whether it’s graphics of our product offerings visualising even the most complex of our technologies, the best images from our latest photo shoot for you to download, the benefits of the GORE-TEX Pro technology explained so your customers will understand – you’ll find it all, and a whole lot more, on the GORE-TEX ONE MARKETING PORTAL: simple, speedy and very straightforward. At the click of a button any asset can be downloaded – ready to be included in your marketing material.

    Look forward to this and a whole lot more – soon to be available.

    Laila Weigl Laila Weigl

    Laila Weigl

    Laila lives – and loves – Social Media, especially when it is all about the GORE-TEX brand. When she’s not indulging in her passion for writing, she’s probably out participating in one of many sports. She is always the happiest when the sun shines, be it while out exploring other countries or when biking, hiking or snowboarding in the Bavarian Alps.

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