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    The GORE-TEX brand at Men’s Paris Fashion Week

    Laila Weigl
    Laila Weigl

    The GORE-TEX showroom returns to Paris for this year’s January fashion week, where some of the most exciting fusions of high functionality and exceptional fashion designs are put on display.

    Interpreting the past and envisioning the future


    This year’s “Selected Memories of Functionality” covers both – the past and the future. In the last editions, industry leaders like Stephen Mann, FUTURA and PROCELL opened their treasure vaults and shared their personal stories with GORE-TEX products. These showcases highlighted the endless design possibilities evolving over the decades. The 2023 exhibit extends the term “Selected Memories'': Human curator ADVANCED RESEARCH joined forces with graphic designer NEWFACET*, challenging two different AIs to create a set of imaginary GORE-TEX concept styles interpreting the past and envisioning the future. 


    Rue Sainte-Anastase
    75003 Paris, France

    Opening hours
    January 18th: 17.00 - 21.00 | 19th: 10.00 - 18.00 | 20th: 10.00 -16.00

     ADVANCED RESEARCH started out as a research and collector’s platform and became one of the leading accounts reflecting on youth, subcultural, and streetwear trends . For the curation of the latest edition of “Selected Memories of Functionality”, ADVANCED RESEARCH sourced images of actual GORE-TEX products from the 1980s and 1990s. These served as the starting point for the AI generated reinterpretation of past GORE-TEX outfits. To visualize ideas of future GORE-TEX concept products,the curator collected essential themes, like climate, mobility, sustainability, versatility, as well as keywords, and imagery. The resulting AI images depict outfits covering all aspects of tomorrow's functionality.

     NEWFACET* is an ongoing experimental project that researches the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the field of future fashion. By using all options available, from prompts and sketches to images, NEWFACET* manages to develop a powerful tool that enables its users to craft their visions and visualize their ideas.

    The 2023 Paris showroom will feature images of the AI generated outfits from the past and the future. Alongside the exhibition, the showroom will also give visitors a chance to experience a diverse range of recent highlights and unique products that have taken shape through collaborations between the GORE-TEX brand and leading partners in the fashion and lifestyle categories. ADVANCED RESEARCH and  NEWFACET* will be in attendance for the dedicated media session (January 18th) and the Beinghunted. roundtable (January 19th).

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    Laila Weigl Laila Weigl

    Laila Weigl

    Laila lives – and loves – Digital and Social Media, especially when it is all about the GORE-TEX brand. When she’s not indulging in her passion for writing, she’s probably busy being a mom or out exploring the nature when biking, hiking or snowboarding in the Bavarian Alps.

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