Greg Hill


    You might think of skiing as a mostly downhill thing. Greg Hill is famous for going the other way. He’s set unbelievable records for going vertical up mountains and in backcountry all around the world. He’s also keen on other adventure sports like trail running, mountaineering, and biking, and is an active filmmaker, speaker, father, and environment-lover.

    What’s been your biggest achievement in life? Or last week?

    Climbing and skiing two million feet in 2010, with 77 summits climbed as I went, was pretty memorable. Or recovering from a nasty leg break in Pakistan. That was mentally tough. I like the little goals too. Getting my carbon footprint down. Making choices that make the world better for my family. I’ve even become a weekday vegetarian to help with this. I want my kids to appreciate and look after nature.

    What drives you to get out there to do more, to experience more?

    The people around me. I do everything for them. Plus that idea of exploration. Doing things differently, seeing more than anyone else has, I get fired up about that.

    My own personal fitness is vital too. I love not being held back by anything, just being ready and able to run or jump or climb or swim or whatever it is. Then to breathe it all in once I’ve achieved what I set out to achieve. That’s magical.

    Why do you use GORE-TEX gear?

    Trust, more than anything. I know it won’t let me down. It hasn’t let me down in 24 years. For summer days, I have a super light jacket packed away just in case the weather turns and I need it. Then for the colder months, I’ve got a whole range of GORE-TEX gear depending on how hard I’m going to be pushing it, and what the forecast says.

    In ten words or less, what would you say you’re “made for…”?

    I’m made for going up. And up. And…

    Regardless of my activity, whether it be ski mountaineering in winter, or alpine running in summer, I need to know that I have a GORE-TEX jacket with me. Knowing that I am protected, regardless of the changing elements, frees my mind. It lets me focus on the adventure at hand and to really enjoy those moments.



    Key achievements & successes
    • Climbed and skied 100km in one month without skiing in the same area twice.
    • Skinned, skied, and climbed two million vertical feet (600,000m) in a single year.
    • Five years earlier: skinned, skied, and climbed one million vertical feet (300,000m) in a single season.
    • Skinned over 3000m on 80 different days in one year.
    • Made several commitments and lifestyle changes to support more sustainable adventure.

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