How you benefit
Totally windproof. Maximum breathability.


Some jackets made with this technology are made to be very light, meaning they're as easy to pack as they are comfortable to wear.

Water Resistant

Jackets are designed to resist light rain and snow, which means light rain beads up and rolls off, so you stay comfortable.

Very Breathable

Moisture from sweat vapor can easily escape through the innovative membrane, so your body’s microclimate stays balanced.

Totally Windproof

Not kind-of windproof. Not mostly wind resistant. But don’t-even-need-to-worry-about-it, totally windproof. When an icy wind picks up and you’re miles from home, that’s exactly what you should be relying on.


Insulated jackets offer an extra layer of protection, so you can stay warm and comfortable even when the temperature drops.

*Only for insulated GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® garments.


A cold breeze or light rain can make you want to skip a picnic, your morning jog, or an evening meet-up with friends. GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® garments are totally windproof, water resistant, and very breathable—protecting you where other jackets won't. Designed so you can be both comfortable and stylish, now you can say yes more often.

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