Rain. Slush. Mud. Snow. These less-than-optimal road conditions make it difficult to run farther, to run faster, or simply to run at all. For this very reason, we created lightweight and breathable GORE-TEX® lining for running shoes.


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Less-than-optimal conditions shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals – enter your favorite running style protected with GORE-TEX® product technology.

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GORE-TEX® Running Footwear

The GORE-TEX® footwear membrane blocks rain and wind while still releasing water vapor.

The GORE-TEX® footwear membrane has 9 billion openings.

The GORE-TEX® footwear membrane keeps your feet comfortably dry mile after mile.

GORE-TEX® product technology makes it fun to run in all sorts of conditions. Our lightweight and breathable membranes offer unmatched protection against rain, wind, cold and the elements. With GORE-TEX® technology, runners get the peace of mind that other water resistant coatings can’t deliver.

With our GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise you can run with confidence every day.


Defenders of One More Mile

Waterproof. Windproof. Breathable.

Every square inch of the GORE-TEX® footwear membrane features 9 billion openings small enough to block rain and wind while still releasing water vapor as you sweat. So in the end, your feet stay comfortably dry mile after mile.

Guaranteed to keep you dry.

If your feet aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. So with our GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ promise, we will replace, repair, or refund the purchase price of any running shoe you’re not fully satisfied with.

Latest Innovation

We get it, we’re runners too. While we are the waterproof and climate comfort experts that the best brands in the world trust, our team also includes biomechanists and footwear engineers to make sure that the running shoe delivers both waterproof protection and the running performance you expect and demand.

Our constructions include innovations where there is no compromise to flexibility, weight is minimal and fit is optimized.

We work closely alongside running brands to make every bootie an optimized fit.

Trusted brands choose GORE-TEX® Footwear technology

Trusted brands in running are using GORE-TEX® footwear technology in their most iconic styles.

And this was not done casually. We worked hand in hand with their designers to ensure that climate comfort and protection were in optimized balance with the original performance of each shoe.

So you can protect your run from the weather, in any kind of shoe, from minimal to neutral to trail.

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