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    An Exploration of Free Form with Juun.J and the GORE-TEX Brand

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    Juun.J and the GORE-TEX Brand - FW 23

    Juun.J has left a mark on the design industry with its meticulous awareness of forms and the expression that lies in silhouettes. Since it was founded in 2007, Juun.J has been at the forefront of reinventing silhouettes, and the way these are applied within people’s style. The garments are not created for someone, but for anyone who gravitates to the language they speak. 

    The brand has detached itself from gender-based silhouettes, and as a result, its design process does not adhere to classic form but seeks to blur the rigid understanding of when and where certain aesthetics can be applied.

    While representing different sides of the fashion scene, the quality-driven and open-minded approach to design has led the GORE-TEX Brand and Juun.J to join forces consistently in recent seasons. As brands representing both expression and functionality, this campaign needed to highlight both these aspects of designing through the uncompromising nature of both Juun.J and the GORE-TEX Brand. 

    For Juun.J’s FW 23 drop using GORE-TEX product technologies, Beinghunted. created a concept that celebrated this design ethos, by presenting the brand in a spatial context that correlated with the brand’s philosophy. In doing so, the aim was to highlight the connection between Juun.J’s visual language challenging the status quo, and our day-to-day exterior surroundings that accomplish the same thing. 

    Across the world, you find glimpses of architecture that was conceived under full creative freedom, and that remains in place today as beacons for another way of thinking about design. Berlin is home to an array of these buildings and was used as the location for this shoot. Shot on still by the talented Nina Raasch and captured on video by Henrik Alm, the campaign's visual tone hints at the unknown surroundings it was shot within, in direct play with the limitless silhouettes of the collection. The result, a shoot that encapsulates the blurry lines between what is interior and what is exterior, what is in and what is out, and where the form starts and ends. 

    Concept and Production: Beinghunted. (@beinghunted.2001)

    Creative Director and Producer: Anders Schans (@andersschans) Beinghunted.

    Photographer: Nina Raasch (@ninaraasch)

    Videographer: Henrik Alm (@henrikalm)

    2nd camera (video): Gabriela Alatorre (@gabriela_alatorre)

    Digital assistant: Frangipani Beatt (@frangipanibeatt)

    Light: Chaemus Leonard Macmillan (@chaemus)

    Model: Maksim Gaidukov (@maks_gaidukov_)/(@izaio.modelmanagment)

    H&M: Patricia Heck (

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    Guest Authors

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