Waterproof Tech in Casual Shoes? Yes, Please!

If you need one shoe to cover both fashion and function, check out a pair of waterproof casual shoes with GORE-TEX SURROUND® product technology.

waterproof casual shoes Imagine this: you love public transportation and use it every single day to commute to your job in the city. You don’t have to worry about traffic and can instead  pop in your earbuds and tune out with your favorite podcast and cup of coffee. Pretty ideal, right? There is one catch, and her name is Mother Nature. What do you do on those rainy days when it’s pouring cats and dogs and you still need to run or walk from your train station, bus stop or car to your office? In these circumstances, those snazzy heels or dapper dress shoes are going to take a beating, and your feet may end up pretty miserable too. Your footwear plays a big role in your comfort, and this is where waterproof casual shoes come into play. Keeping outdoor enthusiasts dry has been a key focus of manufacturers for years, but hikers aren’t the only ones who need dry feet. If you work up an intense sweat while trekking to catch that subway car and your shoes don’t allow that body heat to escape, where does all of that moisture go? That’s right: it doesn’t go anywhere and soaks your socks and feet from the inside. Now you’re stuck in an office and potentially labeled as the “Smelly Feet Woman.” Yuck. GORE-TEX SURROUND® product technology uses a seemingly simple solution to this complicated problem. It starts with the same waterproof, breathable protection outdoor enthusiasts have come to expect from GORE-TEX footwear. But then, things get fancy. Moisture and warmth built up below the foot can escape through the GORE-TEX membrane into the spacer, and from there, through the sides of the shoe via ventilation outlets. What does this mean for you? No more sweaty or damp feet! You can have confidence that your feet will stay dry and comfortable, regardless of external and internal forces. Tromping through morning puddles, midday slush piles and afternoon showers won’t ruin your daily commute, since GORE-TEX SURROUND® product technology is just as waterproof as ever. Moreover, you can enjoy that same level of comfortable dryness while traipsing through summer’s high heat, thanks to the 360 degrees of breathability. While waterproof footwear can be a life saver, you definitely might not want to wear some teched-out, fancy hiking boots to work. This is where GORE-TEX brand’s casual lifestyle line comes into play. Fortunately, function and style are not at odds anymore, and I’m willing to bet you can snag yourself a decent pair of walking shoes that will fit both your comfort and style needs in the workplace. Waterproof casual shoes are going to be the best option for your daily commute. There are of options for both men and women, and dozens of styles are available. This means that you can still look like you put together a nice outfit while also enjoying the breathability benefits of GORE-TEX SURROUND® product technology. Perhaps you don’t have to worry about your footwear on your daily work routine? I still bet a good pair of lightweight waterproof casual shoes would be helpful at some place in your life. For example, if you enjoy traveling, what is the hardest part about packing? For me, it definitely comes down to my shoes. In particular, how in the world will I ever fit all of those in one suitcase?! I need a pair for dinner, a pair for sightseeing, a pair for hiking, and a pair for walking around town; the list is endless and they never all fit (especially in my carry-on luggage!) Again, the choice is made easy by having a solid pair of waterproof casual shoes. If they’re cute enough and functional enough that I can wear them everywhere, why bother packing six different pairs of shoes? Throw your trusty waterproof, breathable shoes in your suitcase and leave the stress of decisions back at home. After all, who wants extra worry on their vacation? Don’t believe me yet? Nab yourself a pair of waterproof casual shoes and give ‘em a shot. Come back and let me know how they turn out for you, but I’m betting you’ll call yourself a believer.

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