Earth Day Activities for Adults
April 22 is Earth Day; how will you celebrate? We’ve got marches, expos, festivals, and celebrations. Take a look and find the best Earth Day activities for adults.

earth day activities for adults Earth Day 2018 is quickly approaching! Have you figured out how you want to celebrate our beautiful planet? Officially started in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson, this April 22 event began as an educational sit-in and was limited to the United States. Bit by bit, its reach expanded. By 1990, Earth Day had gone international with events in 141 countries. These days, Earth Day will find various celebrations around the US, ranging from family-friendly nature walks to proclamations for the science community. Earth Day 2017 saw large-scale demonstrations in the form of the nationwide March for Science and the People’s Climate Mobilization. 2018 is shaping up to be equally powerful. Here are some of the best Earth Day activities for adults; which one will you choose?

Find a Community Garden

Even if you think you have a black thumb, finding a local community garden is a great way to celebrate Mother Earth. Digging your hands into that rich soil and watching plant life grow from your efforts is a surefire way to cultivate understanding for all that our planet does for us. Added bonus: while this is a great Earth Day activity for adults, it’s an even better option for families. Your kids will love playing in the soil and you may just develop a budding farmer.

Go Vegetarian

Before the hollering starts, let me be clear: if you are a tried-and-true meat eater, I’m not saying you need to give up your pork chops and hamburgers. But it is a fact that eating animal products is hard on the environment; raising cattle and using the associated pesticides are large contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Help cut down on these environmental foes and eat vegetarian or vegan for one day each week. You can even make it fun by taking a veggie cooking class or exploring a new-to-you vegan restaurant. Who knows; you may enjoy it so much that your meatless Monday becomes an everyday occurrence.

Take a Nature Walk

Getting outside to enjoy the delights of Mother Nature is one of the best ways to appreciate the bounty of our planet (and it’s great for families, too!) Find a local tree, lace your boots, and grab some water and snacks for a day on the dirt. Distance and difficulty are variables; you can hike as little or as much as you’d like. The entire point is to feel the sunshine on your cheeks and the wind in your hair as you relish the environment’s beauty.


Speaking of which, when is the last time you volunteered for a good cause? Local trails take a beating with their consistent use, and government funding barely covers basic maintenance. Search the Internet to find a local organization that is committed to trail building and restoration, and give them a call. Not only will you get to spend a day outside, but you can rest easy that night knowing that you helped maintain those trails for future use.

Earth Day 2018: Nationwide Events

While all of the above are great activities to do anywhere, maybe you’d like to participate in something bigger? Various events are scheduled around the country, so take a look and find one that best suits your agenda.

New York City

If you’re in the city, Union Square is the place to be for Earth Day! Dubbed the most high-traffic Earth Day event in the country, this celebration includes exhibitors, kids’ activities, and life performances. If you’re looking to take your celebration one step farther, visit the booth located on E. 17th and Park Avenue, and don’t forget your utility bill; you can switch over to clean energy on the spot, as well as receive $25 towards your next bill.

San Francisco

Earth Day San Francisco draws thousands of people every year, and 2018 is looking to be no different! Join the rest of the Bay Area at Civic Center for a festival and climate rally. This year’s theme is Stand for the Redwoods/Stand for the Future and will feature various speakers, an organic celebrity chef showcase, organic and vegan food courts, wine and beer gardens, a kids’ zone, and an electric vehicle showcase.

March for Science 2018

If you live near a large city like Denver, Washington DC, Portland, Phoenix, or Houston (and more!), you can easily attend this year’s March for Science. The goal is to encourage our elected officials to enact evidenced-based policy that serves all communities, as well as the environment. Events will vary, but marches, expos, demonstrations, and festivals are all on the agenda. Don’t see one in your area? Take it one step further and register an event yourself!

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