Follow #SendMe Winner Casey and her boyfriend Joseph’s Journey to Denali
Climbing Denali was nothing more than a dream for Joseph Hobby, but thanks to Casey Ferguson he’s finally going to get his chance.

Casey entered and won our #SendMe Adventure Grant by submitting that she wanted to send her boyfriend Joseph (who’s also the co-founder of Wild-Paths), to climb Denali. But climbing Denali is easier said than done. Joseph, who was a personal trainer and ran a gym in Atlanta, has always pushed himself to reach optimal physical fitness. Training to climb Denali is altogether different. “There are no hired hands, hot showers, snowmobiles, soft beds or sherpas to help you along the way. Just your gear, a pack, the training you've completed in preparation to confide in, and one badass mountain.” Joseph is chronicling the adventure on his blog, starting with the grueling training sessions that he’s putting himself through. You can read all about it here in Tilling New Ground on Wild-Paths. Photo courtesy of Caleb Courson

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