GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ THERMIUM™ product technology


When the weather outside is changing—or threatening to be downright nasty— it can be tough getting ready for work in the morning, or for a busy weekend. We’ve all had that decision to make before leaving the house: do you go for the warm and comfy boots that’ll keep your feet warm when you’re out on the streets and waiting for the train—but that will be too warm once you’re indoors? Or the stylish boots that you know look great—and feel great indoors—but always leave your feet feeling cold when you’re out and about. 


What if you could have both? Footwear that keeps you warm and that looks great. Well, you’re in luck: that’s exactly why we created GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ THERMIUM™ footwear. It was your daily dilemma that we wanted to solve, so we got to work on it. 

First of all, we researched how your feet stay warm efficiently. What we discovered was that for most day-to-day scenarios (walking your dog Rocky, rather than climbing the Rocky Mountains), you don’t need insulation all around the foot. Targeted insulation is enough to keep you warm. After lots of testing, we discovered that insulating just around the toes, where your feet get cold first, allows you to stay out for longer and feel more comfortable. 

Secondly, we created a patented, ultra-thin insulation. Most insulations are thick and add weight and bulk to shoes. That’s fine when you’re looking for winter boots to stomp through thick snow, but not what you need when you want footwear with a chic, slim silhouette for a night out celebrating a friend’s birthday. Together with its precise targeting, our thin insulation means you can now get the style you want—from Oxford shoes to high-cut leather boots, in suede, leather, or whatever you want. And because that insulation doesn’t surround the whole foot, your feet don’t overheat once you settle down in the warm office or the very warm BBQ restaurant. 

So even when your weather app is saying there’s a 74% chance that it’s going to be even colder than yesterday, or a 52% chance the wind is going to be strong, you can relax. You no longer have to compromise: you can choose warmth and style, 100% of the time. 

This footwear technology is only a small part of our new GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ product range. With this range, we’re pursuing our mission to help more people stay comfortable and protected in more situations than ever before. Have a look at the range of product technologies now to see how else you can upgrade your current wardrobe, and get more versatile comfort in your active life. 

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