Holiday Gift Guide: What to Get for the Skier in Your Life
Parking lots so full they make a Los Angeles commute look pleasant.

Exhausted parents who are juggling armfuls of gifts and frustrated children. And just when you were going to break down and let someone else wrap the gifts for once, the line is so long that it goes out of the store and around a nearby escalator. We’ve all been there. Holiday shopping can drive you to a therapist’s couch, so we decided to see if we could make it a little easier for you to find a gift for the skier in your life this season. In fact, these are some of the gifts we’ll be giving to our loved ones this year! Black Diamond Crew Mitt You know that person on the slopes who always complains about frozen fingers but refuses to get a new pair of gloves or mitts? It’s hard to listen to the excuses when you the solution is simple. Problem solved—these gloves are super warm and perfect for both sunny days on the slopes and deep winter storms. The Crew Mitt is engineered with GORE-TEX inserts + Gore warm technology, so it’s waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Guaranteed! Even in harsh conditions, the system’s inner lining, membrane, and outer material is optimized to keep your hands warmer for longer periods of time. And they’re available right here.


Trace GPS can tell you where you went. But it can’t tell you how far you flew above the ground, and definitely not how long you were up there. Trace, however, can. The small device connects to a ski or snowboard and tracks your movement in space and your rotations so you can see your progress over time. And get this: It edits your GoPro® footage. You sync your camera up, and when you’re done it can sort out your runs into individual clips, complete with color correction and a stats overlay. Pretty amazing technology, right? Get it here.


Dynafit TLT Radical ST 2.0 Binding If your skier’s into ski touring, they’ll definitely appreciate a pair of world-class bindings like these. You can see them in action in the Dynafit Connections web series as athletes across North America test them out on the slopes. They offer a frameless system made even safer with a rotating toe piece. Get them here. Marmot Cerro Torre Jacket This jacket from Marmot boasts angel-wing movement that gives your arms a full range of motion. Plus it’s built with the new GORE® C-KNIT™ Backer Technology, which fuses three layers of material to create a fabric that’s durable, soft to the touch, and measurably lighter. Does the person you’re shopping for love adventure outside of skiing? The good news is that this jacket’s not just for the slopes—it’s trail-ready too! Available in men’s and women’s sizes. Armada Crest GORE-TEX 3L Pant They look sharp and they’re durable as all get out. These Armada pants have an articulated cut to improve mobility while skiing and hiking. Plus, the hems are reinforced with a protective fabric that was originally developed for motorcycle racing. Best of all, they’re constructed with highly breathable GORE-TEX fabric, and that means anyone wearing a pair will get lasting protection against wind and rain (and they’re covered by our GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® promise). Available in men’s sizes here.



Want more ideas? Don’t worry—we’ve got tons of gifts for skiers in our online catalog.

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