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Running into oblivion: Daniel Jung's toughest challenge

Daniel Jung is the ultimate long-distance runner, he takes on the toughest trails in the world, over mountains, through valleys, through heat, cold, snow and ice. And he does it faster than almost anyone else. His running isn't just about mastering difficult trails or keeping up a certain speed. It's a fight that Daniel has to wage against his own body, against fatigue, in a race that lasts more than 24 hours, a struggle against physical pain and total exhaustion. And against his own will. But it's a fight he wages better than most. Because he knows:

“I am built for long distances. The longer the better." - Daniel Jung



The Tyrolean High Mountain Trail: A Test to the Limits

It's the summer of 2018 when Daniel tackles a challenge that will prove to be the toughest of his career to date: The Tyrolean High Mountain Trail, a 125-mile trans-Alpine route with nearly 45,000 feet in ascent and descent from Mayrhofen, Austria to the Italian city of Merano. Daniel sets his sight on taming this trail in just two days, where others need twelve. An unbelievable challenge, and ideally a record that will leave all previous attempts in the dust.


At the low point: Has Daniel's run come to an end?

As he sets off, things go smoothly. But the grueling trails and incredible distance push Daniel to his limits. The body he's usually so in control of turns against him: this far and no further. A sense of desperation begins to set in, exhaustion takes control of his limbs, his body, and even his mind. It's a low point unlike any other he's experienced. But if he wants to crack the two-day mark, he must soldier on.


Do or die? Daniel makes a decision

Instinctively, he senses he'll have to trick his mind into taking back control of his consciousness in order to make a decision. Call it quits, or find a way forward? See how Daniel handles the biggest challenge of his running career in this video. 

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