Top Five Outdoor Hobbies To Try

Get outside and discover a passion you never knew you had. Read our top five outdoor hobbies and be inspired to try something new.

It’s never too late to discover a new passion, and our #ThinkProject campaign, is here to help you find one! To get started, read our top five ideas for outdoor hobbies, then get outside and give them a go, no matter what the weather! man takes pictures of mountain

1) Geo-caching

Geo-caching is a real-world, high-tech treasure hunt using GPS devices, coordinates and a series of clues in an online forum to hunt down ‘treasure’. The only rule is that on finding the secret stash, you must then add new clues and return the cache to its original location for someone else to find, or add something of equal or higher value! This new and exciting activity is played globally and the items can be found in diverse locations such as at your local park, at the end of a long hike, underwater or on the side of a city street. To take part, you can choose to be a ‘hider’ and provide online clues for people to find the item, or you can be a ‘seeker’ ready to decipher clues. However you wish to get involved, geo-caching is a great activity which combines technology with spending time outdoors. To find out more, check out

2) Foraging

Discover nature’s hidden larder in the city, hedgerow, riverbanks, or the coast. The activity of foraging, where you can search widely for wild food or provisions, has become very popular recently. Not only is it a great way to get outside, it can also add variety to your diet and help to save money on food bills! The edible plants you find can be transformed into cordials, soups, jams (as well as beers, wines and spirits). The food available changes according to the seasons, which means your new hobby will vary throughout the year! Learning about the benefits of particular plants and flowers can also teach you things you never knew. For example, Cow Parsley is an excellent all-round herb and is a member of the carrot family – the stems can be pickled, or the leaves and stems can be used to make soup! Make sure you do your research before you start foraging, and remember to only take what you need and leave plenty behind for others and for wildlife. Ensure you avoid any rare species, and it’s imperative that you are educated re any poisonous species. For more information about foraging, check out this foraging guide. Then, once you’re ready, get outside and experience what the outdoors has to offer!

3) Landscape painting

Go outside and really appreciate the beauty of our earth’s scenery by taking up landscape painting. This hobby allows you to be in the great outdoors surrounded by nature, and offers an opportunity to take a break from your daily life being stuck indoors at home or at work. In fact, many people find that painting, or even just looking at landscape paintings, can be soothing and relaxing. By sitting and paying closer attention to the environment in front of you, you begin to appreciate its intricacies. What is so exciting is that there are many ways to express what you see – via oil paints, water colors, pastel, chalk, coloring pencil or acrylic. Get outside and get creative!

4) Gardening

 If you’re not looking to venture too far, you can still enjoy the outdoors in your own garden. Gardening is a broad hobby with lots of areas to invest your time - whether it’s large landscape designs, just brightening up your space by planting a few pots of flowers, growing herbs and shrubbery, or introducing wildlife. If you’re big into healthy living and sustainability you could even start growing your own fruit and veggies! Of course, gardening can be a laborious job at times, but it has loads of benefits. It’s a great way to keep fit, reduce stress, and ensure you’re getting fresh air! Plus, spending time in the sun will make sure you’re catching much-needed Vitamin D, which helps to fight disease and reduce depression. And, in case it should rain, well, you know where we are! Gardening doesn’t have to be a lonely hobby either, it can be done with all the family. You can also get involved with local gardening community, where you can share gardening tips and meet like-minded people who share your passion.

5) Bird watching

Birdwatching is a relaxing way to spend time outdoors and can be very educational. Currently there are around 10,000 known species of birds in the world, so no day will ever be the same with this hobby! Birdwatching can be done with the naked eye, through binoculars and telescopes, by listening for bird sounds, or by watching public webcams. You can interpret this hobby how you wish – either by simply watching the birds in your garden, or traveling further afield in search of more unusual species. To learn more about different species, and the best spots to discover them, check this out.

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